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CMECF ver 5.2  10/14/2017  CM/ECF Live database upgraded to (BK) ver 5.2 on 10/14/17
Local Notice:
CMECF Outages
 10/13/2017  Reminder: the CM/ECF Live database for OKEB will be unavailable for docketing Sat thru Sun (10/14/17 thru 10/15/17)
For more info on the outage please see Notice CMECF Upgrade
CMECF ver 5.1.1  12/01/2015  CM/ECF Live database upgraded to (BK) ver 5.1.1 on 12/01/15 BK Release Notes 5.1.1
Local Notice:
CMECF Outages
 09/09/2015  Notice: The court's CM/ECF and PACER will be unavailable from Fri 4:00PM CST (09-11-15) until Sat 12:00PM (09-12-15).
Forms Changes 12-01-15
 07/17/2015  Notice: Changes for Bankruptcy Forms for Dec 2015
For more info Dec 1st 2015 Changes
PACER Maintenance
 07/08/2015  PACER Maintenance Notices
CMECF ver 5.1.0  04/27/2013  CM/ECF Live database upgraded to (BK) version 5.1 04/27/13
Local Notice:
Phone Numbers
 11/18/2009  Notice: New phone system installed in 2009. New phone numbers include:
Bankruptcy Clerks Office (918)549-7200 & Bankruptcy Judges Chambers (918) 549-7205
For more info or a court directory please see our web site Court directory of new numbers for USBC-OKEB
Judgements  07/17/2007  List of Judgements for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma judgements entered in OKEB
ECF Training  03/01/2004  Local training information web page, with links to Training Waivers, Training Classes, CMECF Registration, and Local Rules and Procedures.
Local Training Info .

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